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Cathedral Sun Studios has enlisted the expertise of Karl Machat to provide mastering services for those who request it.


Karl has over 15 years experience mastering primarily for the indie market. well versed in many genres, Karl is also a trained musician and brings the right balance of technical and creative input to the music he masters.

Listen to before and after samples

Mastering info

When your tracks are mastered, your final masters are delivered in these FOUR DIGITAL FORMATS

CD-Quality .wav
320k .mp3
Hi-Res .wav
Hi-Res .flac

Mp3's are tagged with any and all metadata you may provide, including album pic and lyrics.

Two physical cd masters are also available at additional cost

Some tips for getting your files ready for mastering:

Bounce/render your final mixes directly to a 24 bit .wav file (or .aiff file). avoid the .mp3 format at any cost!

Leave plenty of headroom on the final mix file. usually 3 to 6 db below 0 is fine. use this as a guideline. as long as your peaks stay below true zero you'll have a great master.

Try to have as little processing on the master bus as possible:

Avoid processes that make the final file louder (ie: 'maximizers', 'limiters', etc.). files that are maximized like that stand little to no chance of improvement in the mastering process.

As streaming is now the main delivery platform for many listeners, it's important to have metadata attached your files. when you're uploading your files, include the following information on a separate doc:

Album Title (if applicable)
Artist Name (as you want it to appear)
Song Titles
ISRC Codes

There's other info that's optional though recommended. (You can contact us for details) but these five are most important.

Finally - make sure to listen to your final mix file before uploading to make sure everything rendered correctly and all the vocals and instruments are there exactly as you intended.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Thank you

Karl Machat

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